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The Stelvio collection has been designed to meet the needs of cyclists, runners, cross-country skiers or anyone on or off the trail. With Stelvio, you get a pair of sporty sunglasses with epic quality and comfort. Stylish in the track is included in the price 😎

This product only refers to the additional Yellow lens in the Stelvio collection. The frame shown in the picture is not included with the purchase of this product.

The lens

POLARIZED: Is the collection's polarized lens that fits best in clear and sunny weather.

GOLD: The collection's second darkest lens, which gives a pleasant blue light in clear and sunny weather.

RED: Together with the blue lens, this is categorized as an all-round lens and works great in all types of weather.

BLUE: An all-round lens that suits all types of weather.

Silver: Is a contact lens best suited in clear and sunny weather.

Do you want to know which lens suits your conditions best? Read ourlens guide .

Generally for all Stelviolins

All glasses from ALPE Eyewear have PC lenses with revo coating. Revo coating is developed to provide the best possible contrast and protection against the sun, as well as providing very good protection against scratches and damage.

The lenses are also equipped with 100% UV protection (UV400) against UVA and UVB rays.

It is also very easy to switch between different lenses.