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Stelvio Gold Spare Lens


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All glasses from ALPE Eyewear have PC lenses with a revo coating. Revo coating is developed to provide the best possible contrast and protection against the sun, as well as providing very good protection against scratches and damage.

The lenses are also equipped with 100% UV protection (UV400) against UVA and UVB rays.

The frame shown in the picture is not included with the purchase of this product.

Stelvio Lenses

  • BLUE: All round lens for all types of weather. 19% VLT

  • POLARIZEDPolarized lens that makes your eyes relax for all day activities - best for clear and sunny weather. VLT 11%

  • GOLD: Contrast enhancing lens for sunny weather with a blue light from the inside. Second most dark.  VLT: 11%

  • REDContrast enhancing lens, Good for allrounder weather. VLT: 17%

  • SILVER: The darkest lens of the collection, suitable for sunny clear days. Mirrored from outside. VLT: 9%

  • PINK: Contrast enhancing lens made for the trails and cloudy up to sunny weather. Our most popular lens! VLT: 21%

  • YELLOW: Contrast enhancing lens with a lot of light admission suitable for rain, clouds, snow etc.

  • TRANSPARENTFully transparent lens with great protection for the days at least.

  VLT: 11%
Kontrastförstärkande lins för soligt väder med blått ljus från insidan. Näst mörkast linsen.

Key Features


Wider lens for good vision and protection. 
100% UV protection against UVA and UVB.

Utbytbar lins

Easy to change lens depending of the weather