When we receive your order you will automatically get an order confirmation by email (which you’ve put in the form). That’s why it’s important that you put in the correct email address.
In the confirmation email you will find all information about your order such as price, products, billing and delivery address.


Non retrieved packages

As a customer you’re obligated to fill in the correct information about delivery.
If we retrieve a package of an order which was made with the wrong information you as a customer are obligated to pay a new shipping cost.
For unretrieved packages we will bill you as a customer 250 SEK.



Promotion codes and random campaigns are not possible to combine, unless it is stated.
After you are done with a purchase, it is not possible to get a discount.
Therefor, make sure the discount is entered correctly in the checkout process and that the amount is correct.



As a consumer you are always entitled according Swedish law for up to three years to make a complaint for a product.
The complaint, shall none the less be made within a reasonable time frame from the time the eventual problem is discovered.
The right of complaint is not applicable to normal wear or aging of the product, but only to stated flaws and defects that can be related to production.