Our Journey

Alpe was founded the year of 2021 in the deep parts of the forest in Småland, Sweden.
We were tired of asking ourselves the question “Why isn’t their affordable glasses with great quality?” , so we dug deeper into it. We found that there was a way by getting in direct contact with the manufacturer and by creating a great relationship.

Mid 2021 the first collection was launched, Stelvio. The model is a real looker but also have the great qualities we were looking for : durable, flexible, affordable and great looking.
This turned out to be a great first model since the can be shown all over in any sports.

In the year of 2023 we released the model Aspin, which we had worked on for about eight months.
The development of this model took quite some time but after countless hours of 3D printing, drawings and different demos from the factory we finally got the finished product.
Aspin is another success and very appreciated by certainly women and people racing in any sports since it’s a tighter fit.

Before 2023 ends we will release yet another model, what will that be? To be continued..