We offer free shipping on our standard deliveries with a order value of 50 euro. This means that we will not charge you for shipping or delivery costs except when you choose a delivery method that is not our standard, e.g. express delivery.

In Nordic/Scandinavia our delivery times are normally 2-7 working days.
Outside these countries we normally deliver in 8-10 days.
Orders made on weekends are processed the first working day after weekends/holidays.

At the moment we do not deliver to islands or other places that do not have bridges or don’t have international shipping companies shipping there.
We also do not deliver to countries at war, in conflict or other instabilities.

Tolls and charges:

If you live in European Union, prices at are including VAT.

When buying from outside of EU/EN the prices is excluding VAT. It is up to the customer to make sure all the rules of tolls/charges etc are followed.
Since this varies from country to country this is outside of Alpe’s control.

After you are done with a purchase, it is not possible to get a discount.
Therefor, make sure the discount is entered correctly in the checkout process and that the amount is correct.